High Quality Vintage Sunglasses

Vintage sunglasses are back! Our premium shades will surely satisfy the demands of even the most stringent fashionista. They are made of high quality materials that cannot be easily broken. In addition, our vintage shades are very comfortable to wear. You will definitely stand out in a crowd with a pair of vintage NewOldShades. 


Each pair of our retro sunglasses are made with special materials. They were designed not only to be fashionable but also to protect your eyes from dust and other tiny particles that can cause serious problems. Our vintage designs are very similar to the designer brands you may be more familiar with. However, some improvements were added.


Our shades come with a money back/exchange policy. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the product(s) you purchase from us, you can return or exchange the item within 30 days of receipt (as long as the item does not show any signs of use) for a full refund minus any shipping charges that were incurred. We understand that your look/style is very important. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our vintage products. We even encourage reviews of any product you purchase either good or bad.


We bring all the styles from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s to your fingertips. We only choose high quality retro sunglasses and technology has made it easier and more affordable for you to get your hands on replicas of yesteryear’s trends. These trends were some of the most popular shades in the world in the past. In fact, some of the former celebrities in the television industry have worn these shades in the past to complete their styles.


Yesterdays fashion is today’s fashion. Go figure! And nowhere is this more prominent than in the retro sunglasses section of your favorite boutique or website. Seems like every corner I turn, I see someone with either the oversized glasses from the 60’s or the plastic frames from the 80’s. That’s right! From Jackie O to RUN DMC, we see these fashion trends starting to resurface now.


    Over the last one hundred years, retro sunglasses have come a long way. These vintage styles still provide maximum satisfaction to those who do not want to waste their money on shades that are not equipped with excellent features and artistic designs. With even more options available, individuals can further express themselves daily.


    Nowadays, the concept of "classic" or "old school" is back and ready to provide several surprises to those people who do not want to depend on the modernized fashion wears that are available. Our vintage sunglasses are compatible for every face shape and size.

    With a pair of vintage NewOldShades, you'll have the confidence and swag of a celebrity on the red carpet. Our classic styles are simple, but have ultra-modern lens which will surely amaze any first time buyers. Honestly, most of the modern shades that are available in the market nowadays won’t be able to surpass the quality of our vintage frames.

    Just purchase one pair and you will see what makes them different from the new styles of vintage sunglasses that are out on the market. This is a wise investment for those anyone who is interested in staying up to date with all of the latest trends of retro sunglasses.

    Our retro shades will surpass your expectations. Give them a test drive today. We offer a 30 Day money back guarantee. This is the best option for teenagers and professional individuals who want to stay good looking and presentable while in special gatherings and huge parties. Enhace your outfit with a pair of NewOldShades. The prices of these retro sunglasses are very affordable so don’t hesitate to purchase some now.